The World’s First Electric Jetpack

Introducing the EJ-1 Electric Jetpack

About Electric Jet Aircraft

Pete Bitar has been dreaming about and working toward personal, VTOL flight for almost 40 years, starting as a 13-year-old in Portland, Oregon. Pete started out by saving his money to buy a “Space Ranger Jet Flying Platform” out of the back of a Popular Science magazine. 

When Boeing announced the Go Fly Prize, EJAI was already following on the 11 years of work on various gas-powered VTOL designs under sister company, AirBuoyant, LLC, in designing a new generation of all-electric, VTOL aircraft.

The excitement of the futuristic concepts of personal jetpacks, flying motorcycles, and electric flying taxis makes EJAI believe this opportunity is something the world is ready for, and the opportunity for success is massive.

EJAI is working hard to be the first to offer a personal electric jetpack to the market, and is in the process of patenting this aircraft type.

About the EJ-1 Electric Jetpack

The EJ-1 is the world’s first electric jetpack, with a base weight of just 69 lbs and has an endurance from 2-14 minutes, depending on battery packs (Patent Pending). It can carry up to a 300 lb pilot. Control is a hybrid system, with roll controlled and balanced by computer but forward, reverse and yaw maneuvers effected manually with an intuitive flight control system.

The EJ-1 can be used for sport flying, personal transport, patrol, police work, fire/rescue operations, and a variety of other applications limited only by the imagination.
EJ-1 is available for sale as a quick-build kit (2-4 hours with hand tools) in 2018 and for the very reason- able price of $19,995.00.

Product Specs

Width overall:
Duct Materials:
Propeller Materials:
Frame Materials:

69 lbs.
43 inches
46 inches
99 inches
Carbon Fiber
CF over Wood Core

Performance Info

Maximum Thrust:
Maximum Payload:
Average Flight Time:
Maximum Flight Time:
Top Speed (est):
Travel Distance:
Noise level:

394 lbs.
300 lbs.
2 min.
14 min.
45 mph
<70 db at 50 feet

Product Specs

Weight: 69 lbs.
Height: 43 inches
Length: 46 inches
Width overall: 99 inches
Duct Materials: Carbon Fiber
Propeller Materials: CF over Wood Core
Frame Materials: Aluminum/Titanium
Battery: 2x96vLiPo

Performance Info

Maximum Thrust: 394 lbs.
Maximum Payload: 300 lbs.
Average Flight Time: 2 min.
Maximum Flight Time: 14 min.
Top Speed (est): 45 mph
Travel Distance: 0–VTOL
Noise level: <70 db at 50 feet

Purchase Info

Electric Jet Aircraft is accepting refundable production line slot reservations now.

Refundable Deposit: $495.00
Down-Payment: $9,750.00
Final Payment on Delivery: $9,750.00

TOTAL: $19,995.00

Purchase Info

Electric Jet Aircraft is accepting refundable production line slot reservations now.

Refundable Deposit:
Final Payment on Delivery:




Electric JetPod

JetPod is Electric Jet Aircraft’s horizontal thruster, designed for powering the craft of your choice.

  • Water: Kite Board, Wake Board, Kayak, or Canoe
  • Land: Skateboard, Rollerblade, or Turf Board
  • Snow: Snowboard or Ski
  • Air: Paraglider or Hangglider

No matter where, the JetPod can push or pull you there.

Product Specs

Weight (no batteries): 11lbs
Max Thrust: 70lbs
Batteries: 12lbs

Width: 16.5in
Height: 11.5in
Depth: 7.5in

Price: $4995.00

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